The Demo

Brian and I made a demo/prototype version of our game “Doug Clever” (the name may change later). It’s a murder mystery game that we made using Twine and we highly recommend you check it out! We plan to release the full version eventually.

If you’d like to read about our process, check out Brian’s article.

In order to play, click the link, download it to your computer, and unzip the file. Double-click the item labelled “Doug Clever.html”. It’s a very small file size, so no worries about it taking up space.


Mady May and Brian Merski

Brian and I both became quite cynical about the internet following our viewing of “The Social Dilemma”. One thing we find to be particularly concerning, however, is the internet’s guise of usefulness, with which a person can be introduced to it through following their interests, but can become hooked when…

Mady May

Mady May


Communication and Digital Studies/Studio Art student, Lead Writing Consultant, Rocky Horror enthusiast, fashion lover, daughter, sister, and girlfriend.